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  3. Why?
  4. How is it different?
  5. How does it work?
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Blue & Green Marine

Blue & Green Marine delivers a truly intelligent antifouling solution.


The Intelligent Antifouling System from Blue & Green Marine works with your boat, analysing and reacting to its operating environment and working out how to do its job most effectively.

The Blue & Green Marine intelligent concept was recognised as long ago as 2008 with a DAME award at METS. Since then, the design of the system has been continuously enhanced as both marine science and the technology of ultrasound have been further researched and understood.

The Baltic CHANGE Project

Baltic CHANGE Project logoThe overall objective of the CHANGE project is to reduce to a minimum the supply of toxic compounds from antifouling paints used on leisure boats in the Baltic Sea. The project will test non-toxic or non-biocidal fouling prevention systems including the Intelligent Antifouling System from Blue & Green Marine.

Project team member Dr Burkard Watermann reports of the Blue & Green Marine system that "preliminary field tests in 2014 yielded encouraging results".

More information on the CHANGE project…

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The Intelligent Antifouling System – Benefits

The Blue & Green Marine Intelligent Antifouling System uses ultrasound to prevent bio-film growth, algae development, weeds and barnacles adhering to your boat. The underwater hull and fittings remain clean.

The benefits to boat owners:

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The Intelligent Antifouling System – Why?

In other words, circumstances are constantly changing.

"Artificial" intelligence has been defined as "a system that perceives its environment and takes actions which maximize its chances of success".

The Intelligent Antifouling System from Blue & Green Marine does exactly that.

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The Intelligent Antifouling System – How Is It Different?

Intelligence has been described as "the faculty of adapting to circumstances".

The Intelligent Antifouling System from Blue & Green Marine:

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The Intelligent Antifouling System – How Does It Work?

As the name Intelligent Antifouling System suggests, Blue & Green Marine has harnessed an advanced microprocessor with powerful proprietary software and complex algorithms to deliver the precise ultrasonic frequency calculated to be the most effective signal at any given time.

The Blue & Green Marine system uses its intelligence to constantly monitor the performance of every transducer in the installation to ensure that the critical frequencies and signal strengths generated will provide full coverage of the underwater hull and the optimum cleaning and deterrent effect.

The characteristics of the hull material change with temperature and load. Consequently, all variable parameters will change. Our intelligent system automatically calculates and applies optimum settings to each individual transducer.

Additionally the software runs a frequency scan which is also adjustable in range and intensity to meet the characteristics of the hull. The system will also deliver concentrated bursts of frequencies which research has identified as particularly effective on different types of fouling.

The monitoring capability is also used when the system is being installed to guide the positioning of each transducer to ensure the configuration is optimised for that particular hull, and to assist the installer in setting up the correct operating parameters.

These parameters include power consumption limits for each transducer and timing settings for each phase of operation. At the outset Blue & Green Marine obtained a patent for its power control technology and we have continued to develop that technology. The system enters an idle state between operating cycles which minimises power consumption. It is not "always on".

And of course it also monitors battery condition when there is no shore power supply, to ensure vital services are always available.

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The Intelligent Antifouling System – Technology

State of the art technology is at the heart of our Intelligent Antifouling System. Each intelligent element has its purpose. It enables the system to deliver a clean hull by ensuring that it adapts to its operating environment.

The system itself can be continually adapted to accommodate the results of our continuous program of research into marine conditions and organisms simply by updating the powerful operating software. We are operating in a time when new scientific knowledge will require new responses from the system. Blue & Green Marine is delivering those responses.

Not only is it believed that climate change is changing the oceans, it is also believed that there are more marine life forms still to be discovered than are already known. Success in the battle against fouling depends on intelligence and a scientific and technological response. Only Blue & Green Marine offers you a future proof capability.

With the Blue & Green Marine Intelligent Antifouling System you and your boat can face the forces of fouling with confidence.

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The Intelligent Antifouling System – Installation

Installation is a critical operation. The realities of construction and customisation mean that no two boats are ever going to be precisely the same. No two operating environments are ever precisely the same either.

Independent research and our own practical experience have established that a "same for all" approach to the installation of an ultrasonic system is unlikely to yield comprehensive satisfactory results.

A Blue & Green Marine installation will be tailor-designed for your boat and will reflect its construction, material and operating features.

The Blue & Green System is installed by trained engineers. Before installation the boat is surveyed. Any areas of the hull or underwater fittings which may not be effectively antifouled by the system will be identified at that time. From experience and from the hull evaluation results, the installer will locate the transducers in the optimum positions provided it is possible to access the inner surface of the outer hull. If this is possible the monitoring facility on the system will be used to identify a layout and location that will ensure total coverage. If it is not possible then we can identify potential problem areas.

The transducers are held in position by flanges which are fixed into position using an adhesive suitable for the hull material. The cables will be run as far as possible using the existing cable ducts. The control unit may be mounted up to 15 metres from the transducers, ideally in a dry area where its operation can be readily checked from time to time.

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The Intelligent Antifouling System – Operation

The system is silent in operation. A simple display on the control unit indicates that the system is operating satisfactorily and identifies the active transducer. Indicator lights show whether power is supplied by the boat's batteries or a shore connection. If shore power is disconnected the system automatically switches to battery power, and vice versa.

No attention or intervention is required.

At all times when the system is running it is automatically capturing and storing a complete record of its operation, with date and time stamps. This data is invaluable to support environmental research and provide a basis for further development of our technology.

As a further power saving measure the system may be set to switch off automatically during the main hours of darkness when fouling is least likely to occur.

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The Intelligent Antifouling System – Specifications

Control Unit

Dimensions Length 240mm
Depth (inc. cable glands) 120mm
Height 90mm
Weight 1.2Kg


Dimensions Length 107mm
Depth (inc. flange) 140mm
Weight Aluminium 1.4Kg
Stainless Steel 2.6Kg


Voltage 110-240vAC 950/60Hz, 9-36vDC (Auto-switching)
Power Consumption Power consumption is dependent upon the configuration and settings for each boat, and is adjustable to take into account power source etc. Precise power consumption is calculated as part of the hull survey. Power consumption of individual transducers is in the range 0.4-0.8A.


Control Unit IP66
Control Unit IP68

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